An overlooked polling detail from marginal seats

I have not seen this reported elsewhere and it’s from the latest Angus Reid poll (which had Con 32%, Lib Dem 32%, Lab 24%, fieldwork 16-19 April 2010):

Liberal Democrat Held Seats
After what appeared to be a shaky February result, the Liberal Democrats are once again in command of these seats, with almost half of respondents (49%) expressing a willingness to support the Lib-Dem candidate. Labour has plummeted to single digits (9%) and the Conservatives are stable (28%).

2 responses to “An overlooked polling detail from marginal seats”

  1. They’re certainly untested in the UK Tim, but that’s very different from saying they’re not reputable. Where they’ve been doing political polling in the past they’ve got a good record as far as I’m aware and they follow the trade body rules (e.g. British Polling Council).

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