How not to do customer service: the Vodafone way

It’d be bad enough if Vodafone Customer Services were only continuing to send me emails that give no indication of my previous messages having been actually read.

The real mark of genius though is that several of these emails including a link to a mini-survey on what I thought of the email. Each survey includes a mandatory question where you have to pick from a drop down list the name of the Vodafone person who had emailed you.

I think you can guess the next bit, can’t you?

Yes indeed. On not one occasion has the name of the person who emailed me been listed in the drop down list.

So you have to answer the question. And you’re not given the chance of giving the right answer.


Three times I’ve completed a survey and told Vodafone this in the comments box. I wonder if throwing in a blog post too might be enough to prod someone in to action…?

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