Lib Dems offer special limited edition membership cards for recruiting new members

Here’s an email going out to party members today with the latest HQ idea to continue the growth in the party’s membership.

I’m tremendously proud to see that our Party has increased its membership by more than 10% over the past 18 months and in the most difficult of circumstances. The party’s membership now stands at 44,526. This could not have been achieved without members going out and asking other people to join. So, thank you!

But we can’t stop now. We need to end the year on a high. So, for a limited time only (from today until December 31st 2014), if you recruit a member to the Party, you’ll receive a Leaders’ limited edition membership card pictured below.

Limited edition Lib Dem membership cards

Every member that you recruit will increase our chances of holding on to our seats and gaining new ones at the General Election. Also, as you might know, with the introduction of the membership incentive scheme last year, your local party will receive up to 40% of the membership subscription fees paid by all members every quarter if the net growth is more than 10 members. In the past 12 months, we have paid over £200,000 to local parties who’ve grown their membership through this scheme, which has enabled local parties to allocate a little extra funding to get their campaigns really moving.

Yours sincerely,


Austin Rathe
Head of Members and Supporters

PS. Cards will be dispatched by the end of January 2015. Please note that you’ll qualify for this scheme, if the new member is recruited between today and end of December 2014.

You can join the Lib Dems online now by clicking here. Let me know if you do so I can claim a card…!

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