Here are my posts which have an historical theme. You will notice the emphasis on 19th century British political history in particular, a period which I studied for my history PhD.

As Winston Churchill said, explaining the practical application of history to forecasting, “The longer you can look back, the further you can look forward”.

Plus, history is just such fun, with a wealth of amazing stories, fascinating details and important lessons for the present.


PODCAST – Prime Minister Priti and other things that never happened

There’s a new book of political alternative histories out called Prime Minister Priti: And other things that never happened. One of its editors is a Liberal Democrat. So who better to have back on Never Mind The Bar Charts than that editor… Duncan Brack.

Listen to us discuss how Eric Joyce having one drink too many caused Brexit (perhaps), what the appeal is of political counter-factuals, our favourite chapters from this book and how one change in the events of 1923 could have led to a very different political history for the Liberal Party.

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