Is this what “making government work better” means?

The Cabinet Office says its overarching purpose is “making government work better”. Me? I’d change it to “making the Cabinet Office work better” or even “making the Cabinet Office reply to correspondence from the public, now and again, pretty please”.

As you may have guessed, I’ve been trying to communicate with them…

First I tried an email through their website, back in September. No response. Oh well, no technology is perfect I thought. Let’s be fair and given them another try. Another website submission in October. No response. Back to old-fashioned communications then, and a letter in December. No response again.

So it looks like it’s got to be a letter to my MP, asking him to write to the Minister for the Cabinet Office (Liam Byrne) to ask him to see if my question can be answered. All a bit long-winded and cumbersome.

If this is making government better, can we try making it worse instead?