Full disclosure: what should be disclosed and documented on a political website?

I’ve been asked by someone creating a new website to give some advice on what legal and other text they should have on the site. Imprint – obviously. Reference to data protection and, it being a Lib Dem site, being covered by the party’s data protection registration for petition data and so on -of course. Also a good idea to write down the moderation policy (note to self: remember to add one to my own blog).

But exactly what words to use for the moderation policy? And what else to say? Perhaps in the interests of financial transparency any affiliate links (e.g. to Amazon) and the arrangements behind any advertising (e.g. Google adverts) should be declared? Links too to any relevant online register of interests for elected public officials? Anything else?

I’ll come up with some words next week hopefully, and I’m happy to share them with as a template for use on other sites too. On issues such as whether or not to allow anonymous comments, there are respectable cases to be made either way, so I’d rather include options for people to choose between. So over to you. What would you cover? What words would you use?