So I guess Harriet Harman fell asleep during Ed Miliband’s speech…

After all, how else to explain Ed Miliband in his speech on being elected Labour Party leader disparaging people who used terms such as “Red Ed” – saying “Come off it. Let’s start to have a grownup debate in this country” – and then Harriet Harman today going for her own bit of ‘red’ political labelling, calling Danny Alexander a giant ginger rodent?

After all, to ignore her own party leader’s call for people to grow up would be a bit of a snub for Ed Miliband from Harriet Harman. So she must have fallen asleep and not heard him say that. Right?

Nice response on Twitter from Danny himself by the way:

UPDATE: More on this story over on Andrew Reeves’s blog, including the news that Harriet Harman has sent a press officer off to apologise on her behalf.