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Pizza Express: Coptic Street, London

As you may know, Coptic Street used to be Duke Street, though as it was renamed in 1894, I am very impressed if you did know. It was renamed in order to avoid confusion with other Duke Streets and the new name was chosen in honour of the British Museum’s Coptic manuscripts.

The Pizza Express is in the building which was built for the old Dairy Supply Company and still retains many of its art noveau features, including the big arches at street level that were used for easy transport access. It also has some more modern touches that reflect the dairy heritage, including silhouettes on the tiles, toilet signs with a dairy touch and ceiling lights which look like they are made from batches of milk bottles.
Pizza Express, Coptic Street
Pizza Express, Coptic Street tiles
The Dairy Supply Company subsequently merged with two other firms to form United Dairies. The other dairy firm you may recall from your childhood if you are of a certain age, Express Dairies, was run by the brother of the man who ran it, both firms having been founded by the brothers in conjunction with their father.

As for the ingredients lucky dip that is the Pizza Express Chocolate Glory, this time it was heavy on the chocolate fudge cake slices and – after initially getting none but asking – extra heavy on the chocolate straws.
Pizza Express, Coptic Street - Chocolate Glory
The most shocking news? A waitress spotted having her supper in the kitchen – and it wasn’t Pizza Express food she was eating.

So that is 21 down, 117 (or thereabouts) to go.