5 reasons to vote for Brian Paddick, Caroline Pidgeon and the Lib Dems

Brian Paddick writes…

We have lots of fresh and creative ideas for London, here are just five of them:

  • A fairer London, with realistic fare cuts targeted at those who need them most: a One Hour Bus Ticket; Early Bird discounts; and Part-Time season tickets.
  • A greener London, with electric buses, taxis and vans by 2020.
  • A safer London, with police who listen to the concerns of local people and work with them against the criminals.
  • Serious solutions to London’s biggest problems, such as tackling the housing crisis by building 360,000 new homes.
  • Creating a network of Youth Hubs to give young people a positive alternative to gangs.

There are so many reasons why if you sit on the left of London politics, you do not have to vote for Livingstone.

To read more about what we would do, have a look at our manifesto here: www.brianpaddick.com/manifesto