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Pizza Express: South Richmond, missing the interesting waiting staff

Pizza Express RichmondThe outside of Richmond’s Pizza Express has the sort of pleasing Art Deco appearance that always makes me think of Agatha Christie. It makes me half expect to find a body spreadeagled on the floor somehwere with a fait smell of nuts hanging in the air.

No such body or nutty aroma this time.

Also missing were the, er…, interesting staff which led one Foursquare reviewer to write:

Tip: don’t take a date there! Reason: last night flirty eastern Euro waitress chatted up by my date. Result: has name etc. Complaint: I paid. Request: do not employ flirts!

Richmond is where the latest Pizza Express rebranding started, and as you can see the stripey look, which covers everything from toilet signs to table adornments and wall decorations, suits the outside of this branch well. Inside the stripes dominate but it is still one of those branches that has the touch of the airport terminal hallway about it.

It nearly surprises with its toilet signs. Those you first see are all neatly in the striped branding, with normally proportioned figures. The second set of signs lose the stripes but keep the normal proportions. But the final signs, on the doors themselves? Then it’s back to the Pizza Express’s love of weirdly misshapen silhouettes, with arms that are far too small (or bodies that are far too large, take your pick).

So that is 45 down, 93 (or thereabouts) to go.