Thank you and happy new year

Thank You chocolate. Image courtesy of http://www.krausescandy.com

Many thanks to everyone who has been a reader in 2015, whether on this site, on email with Liberal Democrat Newswire, on social media or in book format. Your time and mouse clicks (or rather, screen taps) are hugely appreciated, as is the very kind generosity of those who help with the costs of running LDN. Thank you.

With the number of subscribers to Liberal Democrat Newswire up by 70% over the last year and with now in some weeks  (judging by the weekly numbers which my former home Lib Dem Voice usually publishes) more people reading this site than LDV, I hope I’m providing something readers like. And the email replies remind me when I am not…!

There are many reasons for writing. For me, one of them is to help fill a gap in knowledge that those interested in the Liberal Democrats often have about what is going on in the party. That’s why the number of readers matters to me and, with more readers, I hope that gap has been filled that little bit better this year than last. Please do keep the suggestions for stories coming.

Thank you once again, have a cracking 2016 and, as this is the internet, enjoy a cute kitten photo:

Cute grey kitten, CC0 Public Domain