Gina Miller: EU citizens should vote Liberal Democrat

EU citizens in the UK are able to vote in local elections though not general elections. That means this May’s round of local elections is, by-elections aside, their first chance to cast a verdict on Theresa May’s Hard Brexit plans in the Conservative general election manifesto. It’s a group of people the Liberal Democrats are putting particular effort into reaching, including with HQ running an online advertising campaign aimed at them which local Lib Dem campaigners can buy into for their area.

But will it work, both at persuading EU citizens to vote and to vote Liberal Democrat? As with other voters, Brexit won’t be the only issue in their minds. But it will be a major issue and campaigns such as #ABTV are trying to encourage anti-Brexit tactical voting in May.

Now, Gina Miller – one of the most powerful anti-Brexit voices – is urging EU citizens to vote Liberal Democrat:

The other factor to watch as the local elections near is what happens to the pro-Remain Conservative vote. There are more people who voted Remain 2016 and Conservative 2017 than who voted Leave 2016 and Labour 2017. Yet this former, larger group is mostly neglected.

This all could set up a promising set of local council election results for the Liberal Democrats, which then gives some real political muscle to moving votes in Parliament – both the Commons and the Lords – on Brexit. Could.

One way to help make that could a reality is to support the excellent ALDC local election appeal.