A great team quiz from Hounslow Liberal Democrats

Congratulations to Hounslow Liberal Democrats on a fun and well-organised quiz last night, marred only by having me do the speaking slot over the fish and chips supper.

Carl and the team did a great job at getting a good sized crowd together, with an entertaining mix of questions. The perfect quiz questions are those which even if you don’t know the answer to, you still feel you can half grasp at an idea of what it might be, rather than leaving you sat in silence completely stumped. There were those questions aplenty, especially in the last round which required teams to guess the numeric answers to questions such as ‘how heavy is the Eiffel Tower?’ with the points being scooped by whoever was closest.

Of course, my view of the event is in no way coloured by coming away with a prize for being on the winning team:

Chocolate bunny from Hounslow Liberal Democrats