Pink Dog

I’ve emptied another pavement

Glory be, it’s another empty pavement victory:

This one was the site of a large pile of abandoned road works barriers and signs, left unused for several months. On the boundary between two local councils, and with the name of a firm on them that has since sold its roadworks business to another firm, it took a fair bit of chasing since before Christmas. But now… all gone, all tidy.

(And another reminder of how one of the main causes of dumped items on our streets are contractors working on behalf of the government in one form or another. It’s pretty common for utilities work, road repairs and the like all to leave behind barriers, signs and other material which, if dropped by a teenager, would have excitable MPs demanding a crack down on yobbish behaviour.)

This empty pavement is next to the site of the left-over recycling sign that remained in place long after the recycling bins were removed. I got that sign removed nearly a decade ago now, but looking again I see that the pole from the sign is still there. Back to work…