Almost half of Britons say Brexit has made their daily life worse

The pollster Ipsos UK reports:

New polling by Ipsos UK in partnership with the EU:UK Forum shows that the proportion of Britons who think the UK’s exit from the EU has made their daily life worse has risen from three in ten in June 2021 to 45% now. Seven in ten of those who voted Remain feel this is the case, up from half last year – and the proportion of Leave voters who say the same has doubled over the same period, from 10 to 22 per cent.

Ipsos MORI polling on whether Brexit has made life better

The public continues to view both Europe and trading relations as important:

Four in ten identify Europe as the most important relationship for Britain, ahead of the Commonwealth (23%) and United States (15%). Further, almost eight in ten say it is important for Britain to maintain a close relationship with the EU, including 72% of those who voted to leave the EU…

Trade tops the list of public priorities for Britain’s relationship with the EU: 33% of the public list improving the trade agreement to make it easier to buy and sell goods and services as a top priority, followed by reducing illegal immigration into Britain and responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine (both 22%). However, almost half (49%) of the public think it is unlikely that Britain and the EU will work together to achieve a satisfactory outcome on the priorities they think are most important, although 41% are more hopeful.

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