Is Dominic Cummings a genius? Find out the answer (perhaps) at Podcast Live

Quite what to make of Dominic Cummings has moved from an esoteric topic for political geeks to an issue of mainstream concern given his huge power in Boris Johnson’s administration.

So to mark our first live show for Never Mind The Bar Charts, Stephen Tall and I will be discussing this very subject with Polly Mackenzie, now heading up Demos and former Liberal Democrat special advisor – and so also former work colleague of one D Cummings.

We’ll be recording the show as past of Podcast Live: Politics, in London on Saturday, October 5th. You can buy your tickets just for the show or for the whole day here. Make sure you scroll down to the Never Mind The Bar Charts logo on the page and you can get special VIP tickets. Also known as sitting in the front row. Which means you might be able to hear Stephen properly for once…