Welsh Lib Dems are fighting for a better, fairer, more caring society

The latest Welsh Liberal Democrat party political broadcast (PPB) came out this week:

As with the previous one the emphasis is heavily on putting recovery, not arguments over nationalism, first.

The Welsh Lib Dem broadcast made a like piece of television history, being the first party political broadcast comprising solely of women speaking. Commenting on the broadcast, Welsh Lib Dem leader Jane Dodds said:

Too often politics is seen as an all-male club. I’m proud to be a leading my party in this election, and I’m equally proud t be joined in this broadcast by Kirsty Williams who’s done an incredible job as Education Minister.

Along with the three candidates you’ll hear from this evening, I am setting out a positive vision for Wales post-Covid. The three candidates you’ll hear from in this broadcast all have something to offer their communities and I know they will be fantastic Senedd Members if elected.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats were the first party in Wales to elect a female leader in 2008 when Kirsty Williams defeated Jenny Randerson. In 2017 Jane Dodds became the party’s second female leader and in the up and coming Senedd election she is the only female party leader in Wales.

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