Read about the Liberal Democrat peer, who has also worked for the party, Alison Suttie.


The new Lib Dem peers

Here they are: Cathy Bakewell – former leader of Somerset County Council Olly Grender – former Director of Communications for Shelter, former Director of Communications for the party and former Special Advisor Christine Humphreys – former Welsh AM and President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Zahida Manzoor – former Deputy Chair of the Commission for … Read the full post »


Who is who behind the scenes in the coalition?

Today’s Guardian has a pretty decent go at covering who the key advisers are, on both the Liberal Democrat and Conservative side, how they are working together, who talks to who and so on. The piece has been praised by others today, but I only say “pretty decent” because it doesn’t mention Alison Suttie. Talking … Read the full post »


The Liberal Democrat special advisers

News I’ve picked up so far:
Danny Alexander (Secretary of State for Scotland) – Willie Rennie and Alison Suttie
Vince Cable (Business Secretary) – Will de Payer
Chris Huhne (Secretary of State for Climate Change) – Duncan Brack and Joel Kenrick
David Laws (Chief Secretary to the Treasury) – Katie Waring
Nick Clegg / Downing Street – Sean Kemp, Jonny … Read the full post »