Read about the controversial former newspaper editor and Conservative media manager, Andy Coulson.


Chris Huhne speaks out over phone hacking

As I mentioned earlier today, Chris Huhne went somewhat further in his Independent on Sunday profile in making critical comments about Andy Coulson and the phone hacking allegations than the party’s rather bland official statement. He’s now gone further, as the FT reports: A cabinet minister has sharply criticised Scotland Yard for accepting what he … Read the full post »


BBC: Met may reopen phone hacking case

The BBC reports: The Metropolitan Police has said it may reopen the investigation into claims of phone hacking by the News of the World if it uncovers new evidence. Assistant Commissioner John Yates said officers would consider any new information – and examine if further action should be taken. A former reporter on the paper … Read the full post »


Conservatives rope in Squier, Knapp, Dunn Communications

Iain Martin’s general election commentary for the Wall Street Journal is rapidly become a must-read for me due to his record of unearthing useful bits of extra information that shed an extra light on the big political stories.
This week he had a good piece on the Conservative Party’s preparation for televised party leader debates during … Read the full post »