Read about the Conservative politician Arthur Balfour who became Prime Minister in 1902, succeeding Lord Salisbury. He resigned in 1905 hoping, wrongly as it turned out, that the Liberal Party leader Henry Campbell-Bannerman would be unable to form a stable government.


Jabez: The Rise and Fall of a Victorian rogue

David McKie’s Jabez: The Rise and Fall of a Victorian rogue has been rightly praised, including a Whitbread Biography Award shortlisting. … Read the full post »


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The post I found most interesting to write: The Phil Woolas judgement: Arthur Balfour was right The election offence for which Phil Woolas’s election was overturned is, deliberately and rightly, drawn narrowly and precisely … The law has been in place for 115 years. That Phil Woolas is one of only a very small number … Read the full post »