Read about Lib Dem peer Brian Paddick, who is a former policeman and twice Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London.


Lib Dem peers defeat Government again over “Spy Crimes Bill”

Liberal Democrat peers have helped to pass cross-party amendments to the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill, as the number of Government defeats on the controversial new law rose to four. … Read the full post »


Brian Paddick gets it right

It may sound obvious, but in previous Mayor contests the Liberal Democrat candidates have often been rather reluctant to say this on national TV: ‘Just as impt on May 3rd to vote for @LondonLibdems for the Assembly as for me’ says @brianpaddick #SkyLondonDebate #paddickpower — Merlene Emerson (@merleneemerson) April 19, 2012 Brian’s quite right – … Read the full post »