Read about Lib Dem peer Brian Paddick, who is a former policeman and twice Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London.


Brian Paddick resigns at Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretary

Liberal Democrat peer and former Mayor of London candidate, Brian Paddick, earlier today stood down from the Liberal Democrat frontbench team in Parliament. … Read the full post »


The new Lib Dem peers

Here they are: Cathy Bakewell – former leader of Somerset County Council Olly Grender – former Director of Communications for Shelter, former Director of Communications for the party and former Special Advisor Christine Humphreys – former Welsh AM and President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Zahida Manzoor – former Deputy Chair of the Commission for … Read the full post »


Brian Paddick gets it right

It may sound obvious, but in previous Mayor contests the Liberal Democrat candidates have often been rather reluctant to say this on national TV: ‘Just as impt on May 3rd to vote for @LondonLibdems for the Assembly as for me’ says @brianpaddick #SkyLondonDebate #paddickpower — Merlene Emerson (@merleneemerson) April 19, 2012 Brian’s quite right – … Read the full post »