Read about the 2010 Budget.


Lib Dem MPs in the news

Lembit Opik is interested in becoming Mayor of London, while The Guardian has a round-up of comments from backbenchers about the Budget. Although all are anxious about one aspect or another, notably they all overall support is as with Annette Brooke: I don’t like the budget but I dislike the economic situation we find ourselves … Read the full post »


Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes on the Budget

Nick Clegg’s email to party members and supporters reads: Yesterday I wrote to you about why we have to take difficult decisions to tackle the deficit and lay the foundations of a fairer society. These are not decisions that any government wants to take but we have no choice except to clear up the financial … Read the full post »


Tackling tax avoidance

Thought I’d post up this news release from the Treasury as I’ve seen several people asking questions along the lines of ‘what happened to tackling tax avoidance?” As set out in the Coalition Agreement, the Government is committed to making every effort to tackle tax avoidance. The Government will take a more strategic approach to … Read the full post »


Nick Clegg: Why we have to do this

Nick Clegg has emailed party members and supporters about tomorrow’s budget (and it’s good to see him continuing to raise the point about Labour’s £44 billion of planned cuts which nearly everyone in Labour is acting as if never existed: Tomorrow, the coalition government will deliver an emergency budget to bring order back to the … Read the full post »