Read my posts featuring David Heath, who was Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome 1997-2015.


Hello David Heath, welcome to Twitter

There are now 43 Liberal Democrat MPs on Twitter, courtesy of Somerton and Frome MP David Heath’s foray into the medium. … Read the full post »


Adrian Sanders is still right

With the reduction in number of MPs back in the news, so too is the question of how many ministers there are. As I wrote in October last year: I agree with Adrian Sanders and 22 Conservative MPs Yesterday in Parliament Adrian Sanders and 22 Conservative MPs voted to reduce the maximum number of ministers allowed in … Read the full post »


What does the Zac Goldsmith case mean for election expense controls in future?

It’s always tempting to view the verdict of investigations through a partisan filter – if ‘your side’ does not get punished, it’s a great result by a wise team of investigators; if on the other hand it does get punished, it’s a muddle-headed verdict from dangerously ignorant investigators, whether that means the police, the courts or a regulator. … Read the full post »