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The one who got away: David Lammy and his expenses

London MP, with a constituency only 28 minutes away by Tube from Parliament, claims £12,041 for a second home. Sounds a straight-forward case in the long line of London MPs who had their expense claims heavily criticised during earlier this year? … Read the full post »


David Lammy accused of misleading Parliament

Being meaning to blog about this for a little while, but elections keeping on getting in the way … so here’s the story from The Times Higher Education Supplement from a couple of weeks ago. It features David Lammy, he of the lucky second home.

MPs demand apology from Lammy as they learn there will be no new scrutiny of London Met crisis

var pgtitle = … Read the full post »


David Lammy’s record under the spotlight

The attitude of David Lammy (MP for Tottenham, one of the two constituency in Haringey) towards evidence of problems with Haringey’s children’s services has been coming under increasing scrutiny and it doesn’t look good. David Lammy was warned by a whistle blower of severe problems in Haringey six months before Baby P’s death. Yet as … Read the full post »