Read about the former Liberal and then Liberal Democrat MP and party leader, David Steel.


Weirdest poll finding of 2017: Liberal Democrat Newswire #106

It’s been another period of rapid growth for the readership of Lib Dem Newswire, with subscriber numbers nearly doubling already since January 1st. … Read the full post »


Tyler slams Steel over Lords reform

One for those who have followed the details of internal Liberal Democrat debates over House of Lords reform*: How David [Steel] squares his long-standing commitment to a fully elected House [of Lords] with the excuses for inaction he keeps handing to the ‘not at any price’ refuseniks is quite beyond me. Taken from Who Decides? … Read the full post »


The oddest story involving a Liberal Party leader and a dog

No, not Jeremy Thorpe but David Steel. In the late 1970s the then Liberal Party leader David Steel presented the Communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, with a labrador puppy. As you do. At least that made a change from deciding not to bomb Greenland.