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Edward Davey was the Liberal Democrat MP for Kingston and Surbiton 1997-2015 and served as a Cabinet minister during the Coalition government. He regained his seat in 2017.

After standing unsuccessfully for the party leadership in 2019, he was elected party leader in 2020, defeating Layla Moran.


Asking the wrong question about Brexit (and Trump): LDN #145

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When Labour and Lib Dems co-operated to beat the Conservatives: LDN #144

In many respects, 2020 is unprecedented. In one, though, events are rather are familiar. Public services under huge pressure. A right wing Conservative government. A Labour Party that has lost four general election in a row now under a new leader. A Liberal Democrat party recovering from a disappointing general election. Emerging efforts at forming new cross-party coalitions against the Conservatives. It’s all very 1990s. … Read the full post »