Read about the Conservative politician and minister, Eric Pickles.


Did you know you can spit on the ceiling in Islington?

Looking through the local council by-laws still in force in Islington, I came across this one on spitting: No person shall spit on the floor, side or wall of any public carriage, or of any public hall, public waiting room, or place of public entertainment. Aside from the loophole which excludes ceilings from this ban, … Read the full post »


Hooray for Conservative MP Andrew Selous

Long-time readers will know that I’ve often criticised the widespread practice of local authority Chief Executives pocketing extra payments for running elections, even though most of the work is done by others, they are already well paid and everyone knows that the work they do is part of the job. It’s even worse that such … Read the full post »


Two major tax reforms the government should see through

There’s been some promising chatter in the run up to next week’s Budget about two major changes to our tax system, both of which have often been talked about across the political spectrum and both of which politicians have previously ended up shying away from because of the political hurdles involved. First is integrating income … Read the full post »