Read my posts featuring Liberal Democrat activist and councillor in the London Borough of Ealing, Gary Malcolm.


Why did UKIP accept this man into their party?

A UKIP councillor has been found to breach Ealing Council’s rules following a controversial blog post that made a series of unfounded accusations about widespread illegal activity and anti-social behaviour by local Asians: EALING’S first UKIP councillor has been found guilty of writing a blog that opponents say ‘smeared’ people in Southall… Cllr Dennehy posted … Read the full post »


How 32,000 homes from Boris Johnson became 1,431

During the London Mayor election Boris Johnson talked about how land owned by the London Development Agency could be used to provide 32,000 new affordable homes. But three years on a mere 1,431 have been built. Ealing Lib Dem councillor Gary Malcolm has more on the story over on his blog, including this quote from … Read the full post »