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What do the academics say? Using internet search volumes to track changes in the importance of political issues

Can the volume of internet searches for different topics can be used to track changes in how important voters view the issue to be? … Read the full post »


Google+: I’m going in. Armed with photos of potholes

I’ve been an intermittent low-key user of Google+ since its launch, which, given its (in)activity levels also makes me one of the most active users of Google+ this side of Jupiter. Recently I have been giving it a bit more of a whirl, especially since WordPress JetPack was updated to allow automated posting of blogs … Read the full post »


A morbid but very useful new service from Google

Google’s Public Policy Blog has the news: Not many of us like thinking about death — especially our own. But making plans for what happens after you’re gone is really important for the people you leave behind. So today, we’re launching a new feature that makes it easy to tell Google what you want done … Read the full post »