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Rush for the pumps, no rush for public transport

People rushing to the petrol station to fill up their cars. Government press officers running round in circles trying to untangle the latest ministerial comment. Newspaper headline writers displaying their craft at its technical best. The cost of motoring – or more precisely the cost of fuel, as the costs of insurance and the vehicles … Read the full post »


5 things you shouldn’t miss: controlling YouTube with your head, finding out who loves you on Google+ and more

Welcome to the ninth in our monthly collection of five weblinks that you shouldn’t miss, put together by the Digital Leadership Group. Use your head to control YouTube Hugo Boss has developed an intriguing YouTube film, which is controlled by your head movements (as detected via a webcam). Tilt your head left or right and … Read the full post »


Google data helps predict future course of economy

The Belfast Telegraph reports: Researchers at the Bank of England have discovered that internet searches for specific related terms are a powerful predictive tool for seeing where unemployment and house prices will go in the future. Taking search terms such as “estate agent”, “mortgage”, “unemployed” and “jobseekers allowance” and comparing their frequency over a period … Read the full post »