Read about the Liberal Democrats in the London Borough of Hackney.


“I’ve been in jail, I’ve been involved in gangs, I used to deal drugs”: an unusual candidate’s pitch

“I’ve been in jail, I’ve been involved in gangs, I used to deal drugs” – that’s not your ordinary pitch from a candidate, but then Pauline Pearce is no ordinary candidate. She shot to national attention after her impromptu speech attacking rioters was filmed and put on YouTube last summer, but already had an impressive … Read the full post »


What very fine raffles Hackney Liberal Democrats run

As you may know, I have a thing or two about Liberal Democrat raffles. But what a very fine raffle they run in Hackney Liberal Democrats, as I discovered on Friday night in the brilliant The Real Greek, Hoxton. Sensibly pricing, persistent ticket selling, not too many prizes (in fact, just the one). Very fine raffle organisation … Read the full post »


Hackney Lib Dems debate health policy

My weekend visit to the Hackney Liberal Democrats Garden Party, lovingly hosted by Victoria Lubbock and featuring a fun stand-off between a dog and a cat, was cut short by a TV interview – so I missed the debate between Paul Burstow and Prateek Buch on the NHS. However, you can read Prateek’s take on … Read the full post »