Here’s a selection of my posts containing humour. I hope. Not that all my other posts are humour-free. But these ones have more than average levity.

Pink Dog

Nina Conti: ace ventriloquist

It is now a few years since I first stumbled across Nina Conti’s ventriloquism act on Radio 4. Even though I know that ventriloquism has a long history of entertaining on the radio, I still find the idea of such a thing working baffling. … Read the full post »

Pink Dog

Where Do Comedians Go When They Die?

Milton Jones’s Where Do Comedians Go When They Die? first came out in 2009 and was then re-released courtesy of the Robson Press imprint run by Biteback. A good thing too, as it’s a very funny book which also gives a great insight into the life of a stand-up comedian. … Read the full post »