The Interim Peers Panel was a way for Liberal Democrat members to have (a bit of) a democratic say in who got appointed to the House of Lords as a Liberal Democrat peer.


Lib Dem members set to elect who party leader appoints to Lords in future (possibly) (perhaps) (soon-ish)

Back in 2013 the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive agreed to reform the ‘interim peers panel’ process by which (in theory, rather less so in practice) party members got to vote on who the party leader would appoint to the House of Lords. … Read the full post »


Liberal Democrat federal committee elections: Q&A

A few questions are repeatedly coming up about the elections currently being held for various Liberal Democrat federal party committees. So I’ve put together this unofficial Q&A. Unofficial, but I hope helpful and neutral, save for the last question… Q. What posts are up for election? A. 15 posts on the Federal Executive (FE), 15 … Read the full post »