Internet piracy: what’s a filmmaker to do?

Techcrunch has a fascinating interview with Tom Lowe, who responded to discovering his film being pirated with a polite request rather than with legal action: TC: What do you feel about piracy in general? Do you see it as a hindrance to art? Tom: I just see piracy as a reality. I don’t really see … Read the full post »

Lib Dem Voice

Illegal file-sharing: what does the public think?

The latest Ofcom survey of internet users in the UK shows that less than half believes downloading shared copies of copyright music and films should be illegal. 42% say it should be illegal, against 33% who believe it shouldn’t be illegal and 25% who don’t know.
I’m not aware of comparable figures for other laws, but … Read the full post »

Lib Dem Voice

“We can’t turn back the tide of internet piracy, says TV boss”

Interesting news from The Herald:
Internet piracy is merely demand where appropriate supply does not exist, people will never go back to buying music legally, and protecting information online will only destroy businesses, according to a provocative essay set to appear on a Scottish Government-funded website tomorrow.
Written by Alice Taylor, commissioning editor for education at Channel … Read the full post »