Read about the controversial former Labour MP and Mayor of London 2000-2008, Ken Livingstone.


Peak Farce, Jumped The Shark, surely Labour can’t top this?

Having a former Mayor locked in a disabled toilet whilst journalists shout questions through the door about what he thought of the younger Hitler might, you think, be the most absurdly farcical moment Labour was able to conjure up last week. … Read the full post »


How Labour is taking to mobile

From LabourList comes news of how the left is starting to use text-messaging effectively. Hardly the newest of digital channels, it is however – like email – one of the old stagers that, out of the trend-setting headlines, is also one of the most effective at getting things done. … Read the full post »


Labour peer Alan Sugar: don’t vote for Ken Livingstone

From the BBC: Labour peer Lord Sugar has urged people not to vote for his party’s candidate Ken Livingstone. The peer defied Labour leader Ed Miliband by telling his 1.8 million followers on Twitter not to back the former mayor’s bid for re-election. “I seriously suggest NO ONE votes for Livingstone in the Mayoral elections,” … Read the full post »