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Pink Dog

A steam train on the London Underground

This was a test run to see if it would be feasible to run one or more stream trains as part of the 150th anniversary of the London Underground. … Read the full post »


My letter in The Guardian

The latest strike on the underground has disrupted my journeys far less than the regularly over-running engineering work has done in recent days. Surely the future for trade union action is not threatening to strike, but threatening to do more engineering work?


An unexpected consequence of opening up data

I blogged recently about the welcome moves being made to open up London’s transport data to wider use. A great example of what opening up data can produce is the map showing the locations of tube trains on the network in real time – available for free and produced thanks to the enthusiasm and civic-mindedness … Read the full post »


Glenda Jackson: Labour’s worst ever transport minister?

Current Secretary of Sate for Transport, Lord Adonis rightly gets praise from across the political spectrum. Although there’s by no means cross-party agreement on some transport issues (think Heathrow for a start), Adonis is generally respected even when he is disagreed with. Whilst he has an extremely strong claim to have been the best Labour … Read the full post »