Read my posts about the four-yearly sporting event, the Olympics. They started up in their modern form in Athens, Greece in 1896.


Daily View 2×2: 14 February 2010 – Blast breaks lull in India, foreigners among bakery bomb victims

At least nine people were killed when a bomb ripped through a popular Pune café packed with foreign tourists, the terror strike shattering a 14-month lull. … Read the full post »


Hackney Council vs Banksy: some graffiti should be left alone

If there was an Olympics for graffiti reporting, I’d rather fancy my chances in the final (137 items reported so far this year to Islington Council; let’s not get started with Haringey, Westminster or Hackney Councils). But despite my enthusiasm for getting graffiti cleaned away, there’s some I regularly pass that I’ve never reported. It’s the … Read the full post »


Boris Johnson forgets another election promise

Well, well. Here we go again. Not content with overlooking the existence of a key Olympics memo, forgetting that he spent £465,000 on consultants, both ruling out and also not ruling out North Kent as an airport location, both wanting a statue of Sir Keith Park on the fourth plinth and yet also not wanting … Read the full post »