Here are my posts about Parliamentary by-elections in general. There’s a separate tag for each specific one I’ve written about – just hit search to find those posts.


Good news: sensible Parliamentary by-election timetables now in force

For any Parliamentary by-election now taking place, the timetable has been extended from 21 to 27 working days. … Read the full post »


I agree with Nigel Farage …

Having got fixed-term Parliaments and so got rid of the absurdity that the Prime Minister gets to fix the time of a general election in order to maximise their own party’s chances at an election, it’s about time that Parliamentary by-elections were treated similarly. … Read the full post »


Victory in Bedford and second place in Leicester South

In amongst all the bad results, it’s understandable that news from two of the best candidates I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years has been mostly overlooked. But it’s worth highlighting that Dave Hodgson won re-election as Mayor in Bedford, whilst Zuffar Haq held on to second place in Leicester South. … Read the full post »