The Political Parties and Elections Act 2009 primarily focused on reforming the rules around political finance and campaign expenditure.


Dodgy donations: Labour is right, Labour is wrong and the media are too generous

Despite some reforms introduced by Labour in the Political Parties and Elections Act 2009 (on which see the guide I wrote), unincorporated associations continue to offer rather a loophole when it comes to donations to political parties. … Read the full post »


Tax-exiles get a new lease of life as political donors

From today’s Observer:
A much-publicised law designed to stop wealthy tax exiles bankrolling political parties has been quietly dropped until after a general election, the Observer has learned.
The disclosure means that key Labour donors such as Lakshmi Mittal as well as Tory donor Lord Ashcroft will still be able to pump millions of pounds into the … Read the full post »