Here are my posts featuring the white, wintery stuff. Especially issues around health, safety, the law and clearing away snow.

Pink Dog

Sticky Feet snow and ice grips for shoes: just the thing for delivering in this weather

A few winters ago I finally got round to trying out slip-on snow grips for my shoes, and these ‘Sticky Feet’ ones work a wonder. … Read the full post »

Media & PR

Oh dear, Belfast Telegraph recycles the snow myths

The myth-busting about snow was going so well this year (government giving good advice, councils giving good advice, lawyers saying sensible things and media reporting the issue accurately), and then along comes the Belfast Telegraph’s Lindy McDowell: Of course we should be able to sort it. But the authorities won’t take responsibility for gritting because … Read the full post »


My letter in today's Guardian: before and after

Here’s the letter I wrote to The Guardian, a slightly shortened version of which appears in today’s paper: Your editorial about the importance of gritting pavements (1st December) is a little unfair to the government. It is true that the White Paper on public health does not mention the issue, but the government has just … Read the full post »