Read my posts about social mobility, a topic often popular with politicians but where their comments often betray a basic misunderstanding of how the public view the phrase.


Nick Clegg joins Social Mobility Foundation

Former Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, has agreed to join the Board of trustees of the Social Mobility Foundation. … Read the full post »


Intruder alert: ominous new jargon doing the rounds at Brighton

Good news: Alarm Clock Britain remains dead. Promising news: Social Mobility only rarely used. (Why is that promising? Because it’s a politically dreadful phrase.) INTRUDER ALERT: INCOMING NEW JARGON. Decarbonisation. No, no and thrice no. It’s easy, short, convenient shorthand – and completely meaningless to most people. It’s also increasingly popular on the lips of … Read the full post »


Nick Clegg: Nanny state? No. State nannies? Yes

Interviewed in today’s Independent on Sunday, Nick Clegg has called for 65,000 nursery workers to be recruited as part of his social mobility drive: “Every parent wants their child to do better than they did, and every parent wants their child to fulfil their potential,” he said. State intervention to teach children as young as … Read the full post »