Read my posts featuring pioneering Conservative blogger turned commentator Tim Montgomerie. In 2005 he founded ConservativeHome having previously worked for both William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith.


Three people, three posts, three thoughts on the Coalition’s future

Tim Montgomerie: Can the Coalition be rebooted? Stephen Tall: Why the Lib Dems cannot end the Coalition. And what we should do to try and rescue it. Myself: How does David Cameron charm the Liberal Democrats? As for what the party’s actual plan is, see The Lib Dem political plan for the next year.


What will the impact of taxpayer statements be?

It’s typical of the way Parliament works that what has been mandatory for local councils to is only now becoming a consideration for central government: sending taxpayers a breakdown of how their money is spent each year. For years this has been the norm in local government, but when central government told councils to do … Read the full post »