The decision to increase tuition fees was one of the most controversial decisions Nick Clegg made during the 2010-15 Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition government. Read more about the issue of university tuition fees before, during and after this Parliament in my posts on the topic.


Tuition fees versus income tax

From the latest YouGov poll: Increase income tax in order to get rid of tuition fees for university students? Overall: Support: 27% Oppose: 58% Amongst Liberal Democrats voters in 2010: Support: 35% Oppose: 53% Amongst 18-24 yeard olds: Support: 34% Oppose: 48%


Tuition fees report: time for a partial reverse ferret

When I blogged this morning about the Higher Education Policy Institute’s report into tuition fees, and its claim that the government’s tuition fees policy was in danger of costing more money rather than saving it, I included the caveat that: Predictions attempting this sort of level of accuracy decades into the future are prone to significant … Read the full post »