Find out about turnout in elections: what it has been like, what causes it to change and how campaigners try to raise it.


The myth of youth turnout at the 2017 general election

Out today is the latest data from the British Election Survey (BES), focusing on turnout. It was up at the 2017 general election, making it the fourth general election in a row at which turnout has risen. But it wasn’t young people who fuelled the turnout rise. … Read the full post »


Turnout: even more reason to join the Campaign for Democratic Optimism

Opening the Can of Worms: Most Existing Studies of Aggregate Level Turnout are Meaningless, by Jonathan Mellon (University of Manchester/Nuffield College, Oxford), Geoffrey Evans (Nuffield College, Oxford), Edward Fieldhouse (University of Manchester), Jane Green (University of Manchester) and Christopher Prosser (University of Manchester/Nuffield College, Oxford). … Read the full post »