Here are all my posts featuring the crowd-sourced encyclopedia founded by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia.


Is Wikipedia in decline? More evidence in

I previously blogged about how some of the key statistics for Wikipedia suggest the site is stagnating or declining. This picture is reinforced by new evidence… … Read the full post »


The stalling and decline of Wikipedia?

These two graphs are taken from the statistics at, using data up until 31 July 2009. The trends for other languages not shown in the graphs varies considerably, but for the English version of Wikipedia there are clear – and long running – signs of stagnation and decline when it comes to the generation … Read the full post »


A letter to Conservative Central Office

If your party leader has got his facts wrong, editing Wikipedia to try to hide this isn’t likely to work. (Whisper it quietly, but, you know, there are other places people get information from.) Editing from a Conservative Party IP address is also likely to be spotted. … Read the full post »