Read about William Hague, who was Leader of the Conservative Party 1997-2001, standing down after the party’s crushing 2001 defeat. He subsequently returned to frontline politics as Foreign Secretary in the 2010-15 Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government.


How do the most Conservative and most Labour constituencies compare?

See how Richmond (Yorkshire) and Liverpool Walton compare. … Read the full post »


Praise for William Hague’s green credentials

Writing of his experience as one of Chris Huhne’s Special Advisers, Duncan Brack has this to say about green ministers: There are certainly good green ministers in other departments [than DECC/DEFRA], such as Norman Baker in the Department for Transport, Andrew Stunell in CLG, and William Hague in FCO. As for David Cameron he says, … Read the full post »


Lib Dems hold Tories back on Europe

The Spectator reports: Hague says he’s been held back on Europe by the Lib Dems William Hague’s comments in an interview with The Times that the Liberal Democrats are restraining the Tories on Europe will increase the grumbling among Tory backbenchers about the power of the junior coalition partner. I’ll file that in the ‘good … Read the full post »


William Hague comes out in favour of Proportional Representation…

Foreign Secretary William Hague’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office has published a draft written constitution including the use of Proportional Representation in public elections. Oh, it’s a draft written constitution for the Turks and Caicos Islands. But I do look forward to William Hague’s next speech about electoral reform; perhaps he’ll be arguing that first past … Read the full post »


The shadow of William Hague looms over Ed Miliband

Sometimes you know someone, know they are a good person and are completely shocked when allegations are made that they have broken the law. In such cases, it’s absolutely reasonable to hang on to your previous views of them until the outcome of the court case. But in other cases, them being found guilty or … Read the full post »