Read about William Hague, who was Leader of the Conservative Party 1997-2001, standing down after the party’s crushing 2001 defeat. He subsequently returned to frontline politics as Foreign Secretary in the 2010-15 Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government.


How does the electorate really think?

Knowing why people vote the way they do is tough. It’s not just because people may be reluctant to be honest to others about their motivations, but people are also often bad at understanding themselves. … Read the full post »


Praise for William Hague’s green credentials

Writing of his experience as one of Chris Huhne’s Special Advisers, Duncan Brack has this to say about green ministers: There are certainly good green ministers in other departments [than DECC/DEFRA], such as Norman Baker in the Department for Transport, Andrew Stunell in CLG, and William Hague in FCO. As for David Cameron he says, … Read the full post »