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A close escape – and now we should change our Euro-selection rules

This week the Liberal Democrats have had a close escape. Diana Wallis’s sudden resignation as an MEP highlight flaws in the party’s rules for picking a successor. Those rules aren’t new, but many people (myself included) have not paid that much attention to them in the past. It was only the circumstances of a resignation [...]

Stewart Arnold bows out from succeeding Diana Wallis as MEP

27 January 2012 ,
A dramatic twist today in the story of Diana Wallis’s resignation and the question of whether or not her husband, Stewart Arnold, would succeed her: Stewart Arnold, husband of Hull-based Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis, has informed officials he will not be taking over his wife’s post at the EU Parliament, despite being eligible to […]

How should Diana Wallis be replaced?

A question for Liberal Democrat members to mull… Under the law used for regional list elections, the decision over who should take over following Diana Wallis’s resignation as an MEP is up to the party (technically, the party’s Nominating Officer). The general assumption in the past has been that if a list member stands down, it [...]
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Diana Wallis’s resignation statement (UPDATED)

Earlier today, Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis announced her resignation from the European Parliament, effective 31 January. Her statement is in full below, but reading between the lines and adding in what I’ve heard from party sources it looks like the BBC story over disagreements related to the elections for European Parliament posts are right. […]

Do your MEPs turn up to meetings?

26 January 2009
Good news from the Liberal Democrat MEPs with the success this month for Diana Wallis’s campaign to get more information about Euro-MPs’ attendance records published: [Diana Wallis] welcomed the Parliament’s decision at her instigation to publish on its internet site in collated form information about all Members’ attendance at plenary and committee meetings…: “Making such […]