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General election donations: two reasons the media will report them wrongly

21 April 2010 , ,
The latest figures for party donations are out from the Electoral Commission and already we've seen reports which simply take the numbers at face value. Of course, that's an understandable thing for the media to do: regulator publishes numbers, you report them. However, the numbers are misleading...

Two councillors accused of breaking election law; one political party investigated

Two former Conservative councillors are facing legal action over electoral fraud whilst in addition the Electoral Commission has decided to investigate the BNP's accounts.

Election law: keeping up with the news

Although there are many British bloggers writing about politics, election law and the workings of the Electoral Commission get relatively little coverage except when there’s a specific big issue in the public eye. In fact, for many announcements by the Electoral Commission or the Ministry of Justice the only blogging coverage you’ll find about them […]

Retrospective change to registration for members of the armed services comes in to force

A new set of rules approved by Parliament means that service voters now only have to register once every five years, rather than once every three. The change also applies to existing registrations, lengthening them by two years.

Hustings: do all the candidates have to be invited? (UPDATED)

"Do we have to invite the extremist candidate?" "Can I veto the hustings by refusing to attend?" "Is the hustings meeting an election expense?" These are all common questions during general election campaigns, so here is your whistle-stop guide to what the various rules says.

Electoral Commission publishes draft guidance on whether counts should be held on Thursday evening

16 March 2010 ,
With Parliament expected to pass legislation placing an onus on Returning Officers to start general election counts shortly after the polls close, rather than wait until Friday morning, the Electoral Commission has published a draft of the guidance it will be required to issue.

Weekend voting gets another push from Jenny Watson

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Electoral Commission chair Jenny Watson repeated the Commission’s interest in seeing a switch to weekend voting: Flexible election schedules, including opening the polls for entire weekends, should be considered to make the system more relevant to 21st century life, she said. These comments echo strong public support for weekend voting, [...]

Welcome advice on poll cards from the Electoral Commission

15 March 2010 ,
The 2010 edition of the Electoral Commission's "Handbook for polling station staff" contains this welcome advice for those staff:

Official: records that would show full extent of Ashcroft donations have been destroyed

10 March 2010 , ,
Hundreds of local records which would reveal the extent of Lord Ashcroft's donations to the Conservative Party during the crucial last few weeks of the 2005 general election campaign have been destroyed the Electoral Commission has confirmed.

Electoral registration: is the problem with young people or with journalism?

Earlier this week the Electoral Commission published a new report, The completeness and accuracy of electoral registers in Great Britain, looking at how electoral registration is working in the UK. Although it's been widely covered, the coverage has been very similar - taking the top line figures from the report and covering press release without digging in to what the report really says. So if we venture in to the inner reaches of the report, what do we find?