A quick political quiz for you

There are two political parties. Let’s call them A and B.

Both of them distribute magazines in a Parliamentary by-election, promoting their own candidates.

Party A’s magazine says on it that it is published by party A. Party B’s magazine doesn’t say anything similar.

The BBC’s verdict on party A’s magazine is that “It’s not designed to make you think that it’s not from a political party” (Peter Henley, TV news, Thursday evening).

So which party and its leader do you think has complained about the other party’s magazine?

Yup, that would be David Cameron and the Conservatives saying how disgraceful it is for the Liberal Democrats to be distributing a magazine which says it is from the party, whilst their own party’s magazine, er…, doesn’t.

Of course these inconsistencies are nothing new.

Remember the Ealing Southall by-election for example? That’d be when the Conservatives threatened to sue the Liberal Democrats for a photo in a leaflet saying it broke all manner of laws … on the very same day that the Conservatives themselves were delivering a leaflet which would have been guilty of all the same offences too if their interpretation of the¬†law is to be believed.

P.S. Headline from ThameNews.Net: “Tory’s withdraw lawsuit threat”.

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