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Pizza Express Montague Close (4 Borough High Street)

Pizza Express, Montague Close
So, what to make of Pizza Express restaurant number 3? Basics first: it is more Langham Place than Charlotte Street in having echoing furnishings that make it fairly noisy (Ed: are you just getting old?) and it’s relatively short on natural day light; it’s got the worst toilets I’ve been to in a Pizza Express; but the staff were good and friendly. They were even quick when it came to paying – a point at which fast service often oddly slows down at other Pizza Expresses.

It’s got quite a fun split level layout with multiple entrances, which means that if you enter from the ground entrance and go up to the first floor, you then have a succession of people pass you from the other entrance who appear to have walked in off the roof.

But the big, big issue: how did they cope with an order for a Chocolate Glory? They had all the ingredients – go to top of the Pizza Express Got Stuff In Stock league table. But it was served flat, on a plate. Go to the bottom of the Pizza Express Understanding That A Glory Means A Tall Glass And Nothing Else Will Do league table.

That’s 3 down, 125 to go (and a cheery wag of the tail to the Pizza Express PR people reading these posts).

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